The legend lives on

The fascination of motor racing – even as co-driver on the historical racing circuit of the Solitude Ring. The air is full of rapt attention. Spectators are crowded along the racing circuit at Glemseck and are following the events. In the middle of it all, a young boy holding the hand of his mother who is a motor racing fan is totally intoxicated by the deafening sound of the racing cars whizzing past. It is the year 1965 and the last race on the Solitude circuit is under way.

Today – more than 50 years later – the young boy of yester- year is the proud owner of an historic Porsche 356. Now he has the unique opportunity to drive this masterpiece of engineering to the start at the original site of so many memorable races. Along with many other like-minded individuals and great names from motor racing history.

In July 2019, the Solitude Revival will take place for the sixth time on the legendary Solitude Ring. The countdown for registration is on! Whoever wants to be part of this top-class event should hurry as the field of entrants is limited.

Pure motor racing – that‘s what Solitude had to offer

For decades, motor racing was the IN-event in Stuttgart and Leonberg along the twisting, challenging race track.

The starting signal for the first race at Solitude – a hill-climbing race for motorcycles – resounded in 1903. These were the so-called good old times when a pound of Costa Rica coffee beans cost only 90 Pfennig. During the hill climbs, the riders even had to use their muscle power to help their motorcycles up some of the steep sections.

By 1924, there were over 200,000 spectators

After World War I, racing at Solitude – still a hill race – enjoyed an unexpected rise in popularity. After 1935, it was the time when racing idols such as Hermann Lang, Stanley Woods and Ewald Kluge celebrated their victories on the circuit. The route then was more or less identical to the present-day Solitude Ring between Leonberg and Stuttgart.

International meets restarted in 1951, leading to a new record in 1954 which was never again repeated: 435,000 spectators saw world championship races in all motorcycle classes. Right up to 1965, when the famous race track was closed down for safety reasons, the number of spectators was almost always over the 200,000 mark, when famous drivers such as Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Hans Herrmann or the unforgettable Graf Berghe von Trips lined up at the start.

Who knows whether the German Grand Prix would still not have taken place at Solitude if the decision had not been made to close the racing circuit so steeped in tradition. It could have been expanded to meet the safety regulations.

Bend after bend, the noise of roaring engines and the smell of petrol

Challenging and sometimes close to the limit – the track profile of the Solitude Ring. So put your foot down, send in your registration and be there at the start!

The wood is dense and stands tall, at some points it is very close on both sides of the track. The track profile is hilly, the circuit creates a unique and, for a modern race track, a typical blend of nature experience and engineering. During the week, parts of the former circuit are used as perfectly normal connecting roads between the towns of Leonberg, Sindelfingen and the City of Stuttgart.

But since 2008, the air becomes hot for a few days when motor racing fans bring back the old times to revive historical race demonstrations in different vehicle classes in this perfect setting.

Two days of legend, passion and pleasure

Watching and feeling the action live – on the circuit of yore in cars of the time.

There is hardly anywhere in the world where you can find an original race track just as it was more than 50 years ago – all the more reason why the grid positions are so coveted at the Solitude Revival. The drive along the 11.7 km long historical track through the woods offers owners of historic race cars the unusual opportunity to present their cars on the track among their peers and in front of a large crowd of spectators.

10,000 spectators who are real motor racing fans

Every bend is an adventure and drivers get the feeling of how it really was when Jim Clark or John Surtees ran their laps here more than 50 years ago. At Solitude Revival 2019, every driven meter will be a sheer driving pleasure. There are 10,000 spectator tickets available for each of the two driving experience days and the past few years have shown that the Solitude Revival is a real crowd puller.

Stylish Setting

A top-class accompanying programme that leaves nothing to be desired.

The Drivers‘ Lounge, recently designed to mirror the true style of historic motor racing, offers participants in the Solitude Revival 2019 a very special hospitality programme.

The Drivers‘ Lounge with the Targa Florio Genussakademie

The name says it all: the true culture and pleasure of motor racing, the TARGA FLORIO Genussakademie – which has its home under the auspices of the famous road race in the automobile world in Boeblingen – will cater for your culinary well-being in the Paddock. Chief Vincenzo Paradiso and his team will conjure up top-class dishes that are bound to inspire participants attending the two driving experience days – set in a refined atmosphere and very close to what is happening on the track.

The Drivers‘ Night – when racing legends meet

Saturday evening is the perfect chance to engage in conversation with one or other of the legendary race drivers who have themselves fought their duals here. Of course catering at the Drivers‘ Night will also be accompanied by the culinary delicacies of the TARGA FLORIO Genussakademie. By the way, your visit as well as the entire catering programme at the Drivers‘ Lounge is included in the participation fee for 2 people in the groups A3, A4, A5, A6 on Saturday and Sunday.

Whoever wants to take part in this thrilling weekend should step on it as the number of grid positions is limited. You will find the registration papers on this website.